Thursday January 26th, 2023

ICYMI: Cortez Masto Push to Bring Down Gas Prices And Hold Big Oil Accountable

In Case You Missed It, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) is continuing her fight to hold Big Oil accountable for profiting off the backs of families in Nevada while raking in historic profits. This week, she reintroduced her Fair and Transparent Gas Prices Act to investigate unfair practices, provide market transparency, and prevent price gouging by Big Oil and gas companies. 

Senator Cortez Masto has led efforts in the Senate to lower costs for Nevadans, leading bicameral legislation to protect consumers from energy market manipulation, calling out Big Oil and gas companies for using their record profits to reward shareholders, and urging the IRS to help lower costs for Nevadans using their cars for business and medical purposes.

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Las Vegas Sun: Cortez Masto introduces legislation in US Senate to help with gas prices

Nevada U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto has reintroduced a bill seeking to give federal regulators tools to investigate unfair business practices in the oil and gas industry.

The Fair and Transparent Gas Prices Act, if passed, would give the Federal Trade Commission the authority and resources to investigate large petroleum companies that could be engaging in market manipulation or price gouging.

“Our families need relief at the pump,” Cortez Masto told the Sun. “The issue around gas prices was the No. 1 thing I heard from Nevadans.”


KLAS: Nevada’s Cortez Masto proposes investigation into oil companies, potential price gouging

Nevada Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto reintroduced a bill Wednesday to investigate if large oil companies took advantage of consumers as gasoline prices skyrocketed last year.


“I can tell you just what the evidence tells me and the facts so far is that Big Oil has made record profits in the last couple of years,” Cortez Masto said Wednesday.

“We also, and I also, know from that hearing from Energy and Natural Resources, when I was questioning Big Oil, that they are sitting on over 9,000 permits that they didn’t even drill to put more supply in our supply chain to help lower those costs. Those are the facts.”


KTVN: Senator Catherine Cortez Masto Reintroduces Bill to Help Lower Gas Costs

U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto says her and Senator Ben Ray Luján are continuing their fight to hold Big Oil accountable.

Today, they reintroduced legislation to increase transparency and help bring down high prices at the gas pump in Nevada and across the country.

Senator Cortez Masto says the Fair and Transparent Gas Prices Act would give the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the tools it needs to investigate unfair practices, provide market transparency, and prevent price gouging by Big Oil and gas companies. 


KOLO: Cortez Masto introduces bill targeting oil companies 

Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is one of two Democratic Senators who have introduced a bill they hope will temper gas prices and bring increased scrutiny to the oil industry.

“Big Oil companies continue to profit off the backs of our families in Nevada, all while they rake in historic profits,” said Senator Cortez Masto.

“Lowering costs for Nevadans remains my top priority, and this legislation is an important step to hold Big Oil accountable for jacking up gas prices to reward their shareholders instead of lowering costs for Nevadans.” 


KOLO (Broadcast) 01.26.23:

Lowering gas prices here in Nevada. That’s the mission for Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, who’s introducing the Fair and Transparent Gas Prices Act.

The bill would give the FTC the authority it needs to investigate why we are seeing these high gas prices, and see if the Big Oil companies are causing the problem by price gouging.


Telemundo Las Vegas (Broadcast) 01.25.23

This Wednesday, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto introduced her first legislation of this new Congress in the Senate.

And it is a proposal that seeks to hold Big Oil companies accountable for the high gas prices, which are already reaching a record level in our state.


KTNV (Broadcast) 01.26.23:

Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has reintroduced a bill to investigate large oil companies.

The bill would examine whether large oil companies take advantage of consumers after gasoline prices skyrocketed last year. 


If the bill were to become law, the government would give the Federal Trade Commission specific tools to look into possible price gouging.


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