May 26, 2017

Cortez Masto Tours Veterans Village

Las Vegas, NV – U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) today spoke with veterans at Veterans Village during a tour of the facility, which provides transitional housing and services for Las Vegas veterans. Veterans Village serves local veterans with support in housing, medical and mental health services, crisis intervention, transportation to VA Hospitals and primary care clinics, job training, referrals, and placements, and food pantry and nutrition programs. 

“Veterans have dedicated their lives to serving our country and it is essential that we provide them with the best support and assistance upon their return home,” said Cortez Masto. “Veterans Village provides vital services to Southern Nevada veterans, helping them make the transition to civilian life – a step that has become increasingly challenging. I was thrilled to learn that Veterans Village will be opening two more locations in the Las Vegas Valley in an effort to expand their assistance capabilities and better serve Nevada’s veteran community.” 

“Unfortunately, the current administration’s newly released budget makes drastic cuts to the programs that our veterans and their loved ones depend on. Millions of veterans and their families depend on Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, and nutritional assistance – vital programs that would face hundreds of billions in cuts under the Trump Administration’s budget. Facilities and organizations like Veterans Village are more important now than ever, and I thank them for their commitment to ensuring our veterans have the care and support they deserve.”  

“We are honored to have Senator Cortez Masto visit Veterans Village today in advance of Memorial Day,” said Dr. Arnold Stalk, Veterans Village co-founder. “Senator Cortez Masto is clearly committed to supporting our veterans and preserving the programs and resources they depend on.”

Millions of veterans would be impacted by funding cuts proposed in President Trump’s budget, specifically:

  • Over $800 billion cut from Medicaid funding. A new report identified that 1.75 million veterans – or 1 out of every 10 veterans – is on Medicaid.
  • Over $192 billion cut from nutritional assistance programs, which are relied on by nearly 2 million veterans and their families.
  • Over $72 billion cut from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Last year, a report identified that nearly half of all veterans receiving Disability Insurance rely on Social Security of 75% of their income. Without SSDI, 2 out of every 5 veterans would fall below the poverty line.