Friday April 5th, 2019

Cortez Masto, Sisolak, Rosen and Nevadans Helped by ACA Come Together to Say: Protect Our Health Care

Cortez Masto, Sisolak, Rosen and Nevadans Come Together to Share Impact of Affordable Care Act in Strengthening Families & Providing Care to Over 200,000 Nevadans, Condemn Trump Administration Efforts to Repeal Health Care for Nevadans

CCM ACA Presser

Las Vegas, Nev. – U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and Senator Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.) joined Nevadans protected by the Affordable Care Act to discuss the vital health care they’ve been able to secure as a result of the Affordable Care Act. At the press conference, the Senators, Governor and Nevadans highlighted how the ACA has protected families from financial ruin, ensured crucial preexisting conditions protections, and expanded health care access for thousands of Nevada families. Additionally, they discussed the dangers of the Department of Justice’s support of a lawsuit which could rip away health care coverage, undermine protections for 1.2 million Nevadans with pre-existing conditions and gut Nevada’s successful Medicaid expansion program.

“We’re hearing across the State of Nevada about how the Affordable Care Act is providing affordable quality health care to thousands of Nevadans that otherwise would struggle to afford coverage,” said Senator Cortez Masto. “This Administration’s continued attempts to sabotage and repeal the Affordable Care Act are threatening the lives and livelihoods of thousands of Nevadans who have gained access to health care thanks to the ACA. If successful, the lawsuit supported by President Trump and the Department of Justice could eliminate protections for the 1.2 million Nevadans with preexisting conditions, cut free preventative care services and cancer screenings, kick young adults off their parents’ health insurance, and leave thousands of Nevada families without access to the care they need. I will continue to fight to defend and strengthen the ACA; and protect Nevadans’ access to quality, affordable health insurance.”

“Let me be clear: if the ACA were completely dismantled, it would have disastrous and sweeping consequences for Nevada’s entire health care system and leave hundreds of thousands of Nevadans hanging out to dry,” Governor Steve Sisolak said. “As long as I’m governor, the State of Nevada will continue to fight against radical and dangerous attempts to rip away health care from millions of Americans and throw our health care system into total chaos.”

“At every turn, President Trump has done everything in his power to sabotage our nation’s health care law, including signing executive orders to undermine it, cutting the open enrollment period, slashing funding for public awareness about coverage options, and making endless unsuccessful attempts to repeal, repeal, repeal. This latest decision by the Department of Justice is a new low that puts the future of the ACA, and the health of Nevadans at risk,” said Senator Rosen. “There are plenty of ways we can work together to improve the Affordable Care Act, but undermining the law and leaving Americans at risk is unacceptable. That’s why I’m fighting back and will continue to do so.”


Facts on the Affordable Care Act in Nevada:

  • Over 400,000 Nevadans have gained coverage since the Affordable Care Act was passed, including 158,000 children.
  • The state’s uninsured rate has fallen from 23.5% to 11.4% since the ACA was enacted, and the uninsured rate for low-income residents in Nevada’s rural communities has dropped 28 points since 2010.
  • The ACA has also guaranteed Nevadans with preexisting conditions cannot be denied coverage or charged more simply because of a preexisting medical issue.
  • Thanks to the ACA, families with children under 26 are allowed to keep their children on their health insurance plans.
  • Women can receive free preventative care and wellness screenings, including mammograms and breast cancer screenings.
  • The ACA protects Nevada families from financial ruin by ensuring there are no lifetime and annual medical benefits caps on coverage.
  • Nevada’s rural hospitals are losing less money providing medical services to uninsured Nevadans by spending less on uncompensated care.
  • Seniors are paying less for prescription drugs in Medicare coverage gaps.  

The Stakes for Nevada of Full Repeal:

  • A full repeal of the Affordable Care Act could mean the loss of coverage for over 200,000 Nevadans currently insured through the state’s Medicaid expansion, and the elimination of other popular protections that serve thousands of Nevadans.
  • Those protections include: 
    • Guaranteed protections for the 1.2 million Nevadans with pre-existing conditions.
    • Preventative care coverage.
    • The ability for parents to keep their children on their health insurance until age 26.
    • The repeal of the ACA could also wreak havoc on our economy, withdrawing critical investments that fuel Nevada’s economy. This could result in the loss of 16,232 jobs in Nevada alone.

How Senator Cortez Masto, Governor Sisolak and Senator Rosen are Protecting Nevadan’s Health Care:

This month, Senators Cortez Masto and Rosen cosponsored a Senate resolution calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to reverse its recent decision to side with U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor’s ruling that deems health care protections enjoyed by hundreds of millions unconstitutional. The Senators also joined a resolution earlier this year that would have authorized Senate Legal Counsel to intervene in the Texas v. United States lawsuit and defend the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act on behalf of the U.S. Senate. In addition, Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Ford have joined an appeal on behalf of the State of Nevada and led by a coalition of 16 other states and the District of Columbia to defend the ACA in court. In the Nevada State Legislature, lawmakers have introduced numerous bills to help stabilize the ACA, including legislation to reduce drug costs and improve pricing transparency and limit the availability of “junk plans” that don’t offer full coverage.



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