November 30, 2018

Cortez Masto: On World AIDS Day We Recognize Achievements, Rededicate Ourselves to Goal of Achieving an AIDS Free Generation

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) released this statement today to mark World AIDS Day, which falls on Saturday, December 1st:

“World AIDS Day is a time for us all to reflect and recognize the achievements we’ve made on the path to realizing an AIDS free generation while also rededicating ourselves to the work we still have left to do to fight the AIDS epidemic worldwide. AIDS-related deaths have been reduced by 51% since their peak in 2004 and yet in 2017, 940,000 people died worldwide from AIDS-related illnesses. The vast majority of those deaths are people living in low-income areas that do not have access to quality healthcare. We see this problem even in our own country where the states who have the highest uninsured rates also have the highest rates of disease. I’m committed to fighting to ensure quality, affordable health care for Americans combating and living with HIV/AIDS. And I’m committed to fighting for funds for the National Institutes of Health to continue their groundbreaking research on AIDS treatment and prevention and one day find a cure for AIDS.”