May 31, 2017

Cortez Masto Condemns Trump’s Cuts to Tourism, Infrastructure

Las Vegas, NV – U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) released the following statement condemning President Donald Trump’s budget proposal that would directly impact Nevada’s largest sector, tourism:

“Every year, millions of tourists visit the countless attractions our state has to offer. From gaming to the outdoors, the variety of attractions that Nevada boasts makes the tourism industry our largest and most profitable sector. Tourism funds, among other goods and services, our schools, roads, emergency services, public transportation, and parks. This goes without saying that the tourism industry contributes millions of jobs to Nevada’s job market. Any effort to undermine tourism is a direct attack against Nevada’s economic well-being.

“Unfortunately, the Trump Administration fails to understand how essential tourism is for our state. President Trump’s budget includes measures that would clearly impact tourism in Nevada, such as eliminating BrandUSA. BrandUSA, founded under the Travel Promotion Act, promotes the United States as a travel destination to potential visitors abroad. This provides Nevada the opportunity to advertise its prime destinations across the world. The Trump Administration’s intention to terminate the program not only further isolates the U.S. from the globe, but targets Nevada’s economic lifeblood.

“Additionally, the President’s budget proposal would cut $735 million from Amtrak operations that help serve a number of communities in Northern Nevada, increase Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fees, and cut vital TSA security programs by $1 billion. These funds are essential to maintaining efficient transportation access that accommodates the millions of people who call Nevada home and the millions more who visit our great state.

“President Trump’s reckless budget takes aim at the foundation of Nevada’s economy. This budget threatens hardworking Nevada families’ livelihoods and endangers the economic stability of the Silver State. I wholeheartedly oppose this reckless budget.”