March 02, 2017

Cortez Masto Celebrates Women’s History Month

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) today released the following statement to recognize and celebrate Women’s History Month:

“There is no doubt women are fighting battles that should have been won decades ago. Some of our basic rights are at risk, our access to safe, affordable health care is under attack, and we still are not required to be paid equal to men for equal work. Nevertheless, women are persisting – fighting back and making sure our voices are heard from every corner of the country, as we have witnessed in the historic Women’s Marches. Women are bravely taking on this great responsibility: to fight for our rights, for our equality, and to ensure that our children and future generations have limitless opportunities unbound by gender.

“As we take on this new challenge, we carry with us a long history of women who brought to light our shared struggle – women like Sarah Winnemucca, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta, and Eleanor Roosevelt. This Women’s History Month is a chance for us to celebrate these women and the many more who have fought to advance the rights we enjoy today and to achieve the monumental strides that have made our country an exceptional place to live. And although long overdue, the election of Nevada’s first female senator and the nation’s first Latina senator should remind us that despite the difficult road ahead, there is nothing we cannot accomplish if we come together to fight for what is right.”