Monday November 13th, 2023

ICYMI: Cortez Masto Leads Bipartisan Bill to Help Disabled Veterans

In Case You Missed It, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) introduced bipartisan legislation with Senator John Boozman (R-Ark.) to help disabled veterans and their families make accessibility and safety improvements to their homes— including building accessible bathrooms, widening their doors, and installing wheelchair ramps, grab bars, and handrails.

KTNV (Broadcast)

Today, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto announced the Autonomy for Disabled Veterans Act.

Now, if passed, it would increase the amount of money disabled veterans can receive under the current home improvement grant program from $6,800 to $9,000, making it easier to build accessible bathrooms, walk-in tubs, and wheelchair ramps. 

Cortez Masto says that many veterans can’t keep up with the increased cost of building and home materials.

Sen. Cortez Masto: “They serve our country and put their lives on the line for us. Anytime they need support, we should providing that at all levels. And, this is a perfect example of a program that exists but just needs more funding to be able to cover those costs for veterans.”

KSNV (Broadcast)

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto spending today discussing important programs available for veterans here in Nevada. The senator was at the North Las Vegas Veterans Community Center, which she helped create through the American Rescue Plan.


Sen. Cortez Masto: “Anybody who served in our military, our men and women, we should be always supporting them no matter what. They make the ultimate sacrifice, at times they sacrifice their lives for our freedoms. So we should be doing everything we can to ensure we are taking care of them. This is a perfect example of that, right here in North Las Vegas, this veterans community resource center.”

Earlier this week, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto introduced bipartisan legislation to help disabled veterans afford accessibility improvements in their very own homes.

KTVN (Broadcast)

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is pushing for new laws to help disabled veterans make their homes more safe and accessible. The lawmaker just introduced the Autonomy for Disabled Veterans Act

She says the bill aims to help disabled veterans who were hurt in the line of duty build accessible bathrooms, widen their doors, install wheelchair ramps, and more. 

Sen. Cortez Masto: “Across the country, it is difficult for veterans to cover these costs to make the accommodations for their disabilities for their homes and through home improvement.”

KRNV (Broadcast)

Following the PACT Act last year which gives veterans suffering from toxic exposure the medical care they need and the Brian Newman Act, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is continuing to push legislation for veterans.

The Autonomy for Disabled Veterans Act would help disabled veterans and their families make accessibility and safety improvements to their homes, adding features like accessible bathrooms, wider door frames, wheelchair ramps, grab bars, and handrails in the homes. 


Sen. Cortez Masto: “I hear from our veterans in Nevada…In Nevada there’s tens of thousands of them and the challenge is really, how do we ensure that we’re continuing to cover the costs for, in this case the disabilities they’ve incurred because they were defending our country?”

KVVU (Broadcast)

Well, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has introduced bipartisan legislation to improve home accessibility for disabled veterans and their families. She joined Republican Senator John Bozeman of Arkansas to introduce the Autonomy for Disabled Veterans Act.

It would help [veterans] injured in the line of duty to build accessible bathrooms, widen doors, install wheelchair ramps, grab bars and handrails in their homes.

Cortez Masto says Nevada veterans have sacrificed so much, we lawmakers must ensure they have access to necessary resources.



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