Veterans have dedicated their lives to serving our country with honor and it is essential that we provide them with the best support, assistance, and resources upon their return home and during their transition out of the military.

In addition to the constituent services my office provides for Nevada’s veterans, service members, military families, and surviving spouses, please view the list of state and local resources that exist to serve our men and women in uniform as well as their families.


General Resources


Military Families

Airman & Family Readiness Centers




Service Members


Military Sexual Trauma Resources


Suicide Prevention


Women Veterans


Wounded Warriors


Surviving Spouses and Families




Healthcare and Mental Health




Burials and Memorials


Military Records




Employment and Training



As a veteran, veteran spouse, parent or child of a veteran you may be eligible to purchase a veteran license plate. 

Nevada Veteran Tax Exemption

Assessors in Nevada’s sixteen counties grant governmental services tax exemptions for disabled veterans, veterans serving under certain dates of service, surviving veteran spouses, and the blind.  These exemptions may be applied to your real property, DMV/Governmental Services Tax, (when registering a vehicle you own), a manufactured home or personal property, or you may donate your exemption to the Gift Account for Veterans’ Homes. Learn more about these programs by following the below link to your county assessor’s office. 

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